Tinnitus has several underlying causes, the most common of which is hearing loss. Another less recognized but important cause of tinnitus appears to be dysfunction of muscles, joints and other soft tissues located at specific points in the neck and shoulder region. To watch a video and learn more about the causes of tinnitus click here.

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Tinnitus is an affliction that affects millions worldwide, and up until recently has been thought of as a condition that has no relief. Recently however there have been several breakthroughs in treating this ailment. This site is dedicated to informing tinnitus patients of the service we provide and the treatment options available to them in the Tel-Aviv area.


Tinnitus is a Latin word meaning "ringing", as in "ringing in the ears", however sufferers commonly report a host of different sensations including but not limited to humming, buzzing, and static T.V. noise. They also may report hearing the noise inside their head and not so much in the ears. 

Treatment of Tinnitus

Historically tinnitus has been considered a condition for which there is no true relief. In recent years however there have been several pioneering techniques that have been shown to be effective. Our team employs both non-invasive conventional medicine and manual therapy to provide relief for those suffering from tinnitus. For more information about our treatment methods click here.

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